10. Ape on Ærø Rally


May 31-2 June 2019


It is with great pleasure that the Piaggio Ape club BumbleBees  can invite to Tuk-Tuk rally at Ærø.


The meeting was last year attended by more than 60 three-wheeled vehicles, from Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland. And of course we hope also to see as many this year. So come and join us for a lovely weekend in the company of other Ape fans and enjoy the many exciting vehicles.For many of the participants are the rally has become a tradition where you meet old and new friends, and shows your last ideas forward. And ideas abound, not two bees are equal, some are disguised as small trucks, other mini campervans, or something else, only your imagination sets the limits.The meeting has many traditions which obviously must be kept, and one of them is that there must be something new every year. But that we run a small trip in convoy and keeps the barbecue feast is fixed. The rest should be a surprise, that you must wait to reveal until then.


The meeting will be held as usual on Ærøskøbing Camping, as always, offer extra low prices on cabins and tent sites to participants.

 Ærøskøbing Campingplads:
Sygehusvejen 40
5970 Ærøskøbing
+45 62 52 18 54


Please register here: Registration

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